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My Tips for Fasting

Fasting, on its own, does not have any extraordinary qualities. In fact, if done without a happy heart, it can lead to grumpiness, mean behaviour, and an over all bad day. (Especially if you get hangry.) However, it can be as spiritually fulfilling as it is physically unsatisfying if you do it the correct way.

When we give something up for God, whether it be time, flowers, or even a prayer, we must do so with a want to please Him. Without this desire, this hunger for His love and acceptance, we cannot fully give anything up. The same concept applies to fasting, as it would with everything else. Here are my personal methods for fasting, and how I get through it without being grumpy and forgetting why I’m doing it.

My Tips.png

  1. Make sure you’re prepared. Don’t fast if you’re sick, if you are upset, or have no time to really think about what you’re doing. Schedule it, maybe for a day (besides Sunday) that you feel is important. Ty a Friday. Hope for the best that natural disasters don’t spring up,and try your best to prevent them. At the same time, don’t make excuses to not fast if there really isn’t a reason you can’t.
  2. Fast in a different way than you might think of. During Lent, you are expected to fast on certain days. This fasting involves eating two small meals and one big meal. If the thought of going all day without food really turns you off, try that instead.
  3. Learn how to curb your hunger. A lot of the time, you’re either bored, emotional, or are just thirsty! So try engaging in a fun Christian activity, drink water, or try to get yourself out of an emotional state. Maybe you can channel that emotion into Christ! Pray about it, and move on.
  4. Pray, pray, pray. Ask God for things you need/things other people need. Really focus on the sacrifice Jesus made for you, and how you are giving something up to honour His love.
  5. Spend the day focusing on God, and listening to what he has to tell you. Meditate on scripture, devotionals, etc. and listen. See what thoughts pop into your head, what things stick out the most to you. God communicates to us in awesome ways if we’re willing to listen.






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