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Living Life Like St. Bernadette

St. Philomena’s post is here.

St. Bernadette was born in Lourdes, France in January of 1844. She was a less than average student, and was struggling to learn in school, partially due to what many believed was a learning disorder. Others attribute it to her perpetual sickness. Her family was poor, which made have led to her illnesses as a child, which stayed with her till she died of Tuberculosis at age 35 in Nevers, France.

Despite her troubles, Bernadette was one of the precious few that Our Lady has chosen to present herself to. This happened in a humble grotto, a dumping ground called Massabielle.

You can read St. Bernadette’s full story here.

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You can live life like St. Bernadette, despite the fact that we are most likely not going to see our Blessed Mother in this life, but in the next. Here is what I have drawn from St. Bernadette’s life.

  1. We can humble ourselves. Bernadette never once said that she was special or picked out because of her intelligence, wit, or beauty. In fact, she said that Mary chose her, because she felt she was the simplest, and the most ignorant. If we look to the Heavens, we will never have to look in a mirror ever again.
  2. We can be adamant about what we believe. If people try to blow off our experiences, or tell us we are wrong for our faith, we must stay strong. If we feel a call to a specific need, then we must follow it, and be true to our beliefs. Bernadette went to Mary every time she was told to, and there now resides a healing spring where Bernadette dug up the dirt.
  3. We can show our devotion openly, even if we are afraid or are being ridiculed. Bernadette was mocked, thought to be insane, and even told she was seeking attention. But Mary asked her to return, and she did, each time instilled with faith and love. She never stopped for fear that she would be scorned or hated. For she loved her faith, and what it gave her.
  4. We can look in the most unlikeliest of places for Jesus’ call for us. Maybe you find your call in an abandoned house, and are being told to help the homeless or poor. Perhaps you look to the streets, at thousands of people who are in need of Christ’s mercy. Bernadette looked at Masabielle, a place surrounded by dumps and animals, and she found Mother Mary.
  5. Carry on through hardship. Bernadette spent most of her life in illness, opposition, and fear. But she had the Lord, and our Lady on her side, and was able to carry on to show us what God would have us see.

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