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The Loving Mysteries

The Rosary is a devotional. A priest once told me that if I was praying it, and contemplating the life of Christ, I really couldn’t do it wrong. He even said that I could come up with my own set of Mysteries, so I did. I call these the loving mysteries, because they show Christ exuding His love for us in so many different ways. As a figure of authority, as someone setting a precedent. I fell in love with these, and really enjoy the stories.

The Loving Mysteries.png

Here they are: the Loving Mysteries.

  1. Jesus saves Peter From Drowning (Matthew 14:22-33)
  2. Jesus and The Adulteress (John 8:1-11)
  3. Jesus Heals the Blind Man (John 9)
  4. Jesus Washes the Feet of the Apostles (John 13:1-17)
  5. The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ (Matthew 27:35-56)

I chose these stories specifically because they show God’s grace, kindness, and mercy. They also, of course, tell of the great love He has for us, and shows what Jesus did out of His own free will. He loved simply because He loved.

I can only imagine what these things must have been like through the eyes of His mother, Mary.


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