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50 Catholic Blog Post Ideas

Hey everyone! This is a list of some fun catholic blog posts! Feel free to use these for your blog, and link the posts below if you want! 🙂

50 Catholic Blog Posts.png


  1. Your favourite hymns and why you like them.
  2. Your favourite scripture verse(s) and why you like them.
  3. How you use your rosary and how you get it into your day.
  4. What you like about the Rosary.
  5. The 15 promises of the Rosary and how they’ve affected you.
  6. What you like about Confession.
  7. What you like about Communion.
  8. How your first Reconciliation went, and tips for young Catholics doing it.
  9. Your first Holy Communion, and tips for young Catholics doing it.
  10. Eucharist Adoration and what you do during it.
  11. Common misconceptions about Catholics- and why they’re wrong.
  12. How to help kids with the Rosary.
  13. Your favourite Catholic crafts.
  14. How (insert piece of jewelry) reminds you to thank God.
  15. How you incorporate the Fruits of the Spirit into your life.
  16. Your favourite Saint and how you ask them for help.
  17. Your favourite prayer.
  18. Your favourite liturgical season and what you do during it.
  19. How you show you’re Catholic without saying it.
  20. When you read your Bible.
  21. How you take notes with your Bible/highlighting system for your Bible.
  22. Things to give up for Lent.
  23. What fasting and abstinence is, and how you should act while doing it.
  24. How to stay true to what you’re giving up for Lent.
  25. Why women wear chapel veils.
  26. How to convert your friends and family without pushing it down their throats.
  27. Hotline of Bible verses for (insert dilemma or event).
  28. How to celebrate (insert holiday/feast day/etc.)
  29. Prayers for depression.
  30. Prayers for anxiety.
  31. Prayers for (insert thing here).
  32. How to weave Catholicism into a busy day.
  33. How to dress like a Catholic (without looking like a Nun).
  34. How to pray for the Pope- and why you should.
  35. A Saint that’s helped you.
  36. A Saint you want to get to know.
  37. How God has blessed you.
  38. How Jesus’ sacrifice affects your everyday life.
  39. How you thank God for everything He’s given you.
  40. Flowers for a Marian garden.
  41. How to set up a home altar.
  42. How to decorate with the Liturgical seasons.
  43. Your favourite Catholic blogger(s).
  44. Your favourite pieces of Catholic artwork.
  45. Your favourite scene in the Bible.
  46. Catholic Christmas traditions.
  47. How you explain Santa Claus to your children, or how you don’t celebrate with him.
  48. Your favourite novena(s).
  49. Your favourite part of the catechism, and why it’s special to you.
  50. Why you began your blog, and what you hope to achieve through writing it.

















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