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What to Do During Eucharist Adoration

Eucharist Adoration is a sacred time you spend with Jesus. In front of the Monstrance, you can make your praises known, and give the Lord your most precious gift: your time. With so much time (1 hour, or more depending on the time allotted by your church) you can do a lot. Here are my ideas for the time you have decided to give to God.

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  1. Stay in silence. Take your prayers, your praise, and your thanks to the Lord, and simply pray. Stay silent and tell Jesus how much you love Him. Speak from your heart, guided by other prayers if you wish.
  2. Pray the Rosary. Meditate on Christ’s life with His body before you. What better, what holier, time for praying the Rosary than now?
  3. Pray with the Saints. If you happen to be at Adoration on a Feast Day, ask that particular Saint to pray with you. If not, ask your Patron Saint or favourite Saint to do so.
  4. Write a prayer to Christ, and write it in a journal, etc. Make notes as to why you chose this prayer, and how you will let go, and allow Jesus to work in your life.
  5.  Read through a Stations of the Cross pamphlet. Meditate on each station and pray for understanding of Jesus’ pain, and how He loves you so.
  6. Meditate. Let Christ do the talking. Sit and wait. If you feel certain emotions, think certain things, listen. You’re being told something for a reason.
  7. Write a set of Mysteries of the Rosary yourself, and use them. You can pick any piece of Christ’s life to meditate on, and read the scripture before you meditate if you like. These are my Mysteries.

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