A Vision of Mary

I have hesitated to speak about the vision of Mary I had a few months ago. I was at first scared that some of you would think I was insane, lying, or seeking attention. But I realized after a lot of thought that Mary did not show herself to me for it to be kept secret. That has never been her goal in apparitions, she has wanted to share God’s story with others, His warning, and her son’s love for us.

On March 9th, my brother’s birthday, I sat outside on the front porch of my house. I began praying my rosary alongside three of my other siblings, and I stopped in the middle of a Hail Mary; I could not see around me, it was as if a shield had been placed in front of me. Mary was directly above/in front of me, and the sight was amazing.

She wore a long dress; It was white with a creamy off-white shadow in each of the flowing rolls and bends. She wore a satiny light blue ribbon around her waist. She appeared to be pregnant. She had a white veil with gilded trim, and her head was crowned with something to the large crown of Our Lady of Fatima. Her immaculate heart was on the left beside her head, while Jesus’ sacred heart was on the right.  She stood with an angel somewhere nearby, surrounded by clouds.

One hand was to her lips, a white rosary in her hand. She smiled at me with such sweet, dark eyes. Her other hand was down by her side, casting light from her fingertips.

Then she vanished, and I was left so aghast, I did the obviously wrong thing and forgot to finish my rosary.




One thought on “A Vision of Mary

  1. I believe that sometimes we are blessed with “glimpses” of heaven. So happy that you were blessed with such a beautiful vision of Our Lady. My Mom had visions of Jesus and Mary, and I have had many supernatural experiences myself. May God continue to bless you on your journey to Him:-) Bernadette

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