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Medals I Wear Daily

There are certain Saints that live close to my heart. These are the ones whose medals I wear on a daily basis, on a charm bracelet I modified to hold them. I have 5, as that’s all that fit on the bracelet (for now) and cherish them dearly. Here they are, and what I pray for as I wear them.

Saint Medals I Wear Daily.png

  1. The Miraculous Medal – This is a must-have for me. I love Mary, and venerate her as my own mother. Her miraculous medal comes with a plethora meanings, and graces have been recorded throughout the whole world for those who wear it. I wear it as a devotion to her, and as a reminder to keep my mind on her son, Jesus Christ, who through her became the Saviour of the world.
  2. St. Benedict Medal – Another hugely popular and important medal, the St. Benedict’s medal is often used in exorcisms and house blessings. I wear mine to remind me that I am protected by all of the Saints, God, and Mary, especially from the poison of the devil. I pray for St. Benedict to intercede if there is an evil deed on its way to me.
  3. St. Philomena – I haven’t yet been confirmed, since my parents are Methodists, and don’t attend weekly Mass. I am currently in the process of signing up to get confirmed, however, and will be choosing either St. Philomena or St. Bernadette as my patron Saint. I feel very close to the two, since they both saw apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and were fervently pious. I am leaning towards choosing St. Philomena because of her vow of chastity, and upholding of the vow, as I am looking forward to becoming a religious sister. However, Bernadette also became a Sister in France. I pray for help in staying true to my love of God, and persisting in His grace.
  4. St. Therese of Lisieux – I have a special spot in my heart for the Little Flower of Jesus. Every time I read about her, I see a more lovely, pure version of myself. I strive to be like her in the fact that she loved Christ with such intensity. I pray for her aid in overcoming adversity, and humbling myself for Christ.
  5. St. Jude – St. Jude is the Patron Saint of Lost Causes. He helps with the irrefutably desperate situations, and aids you in overcoming obstacles like illnesses and injuries. I pray for help in overcoming my own problems and for aid in helping others find Christ.

I really would like to add a St. Bernadette Soubirous medal to my bracelet, but the only Catholic store around doesn’t have one. I’m searching for one, though, and can’t wait to complete my bracelet with one of her, and perhaps a St. Michael medal.

What medals do you wear daily? How have those Saints helped you?


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