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“Olive Wood Pro” Rosary Review

Hello readers! Today I have a review for you, consisting of the Rosary I got a few months ago. It’s from Olive Wood Pro, and was $9.99 with free shipping at the time. It looks like it’s still that price, but since I bought mine off their ebay page, I’m not certain as to the shipping and handling fees.

Now, I was searching for a Rosary I could have for the rest of my life, or for a very long time. My only problem was that I only had $10. I didn’t expect to have found a very good quality Rosary, or a specialty one, for that price. However, I came across this particular seller on ebay after days of searching and bothering my grandparents and parents. And I thought I had found a good deal, but still did not expect it to be good quality.

The description is as follows, according to their site:

“Olive Wood Rosary Catholic Rosary Chaplet from Jerusalem.

This handmade olive wood rosary is made by the best craftsmen of the Holy Land.

Vintage olive wood catholic rosary prayer, handmade from large olive wood beads carefully assembled on black cord rope Made in the Holy Lands.

The Beads are made of the annual trimming from the olive groves of holy land.

Please note! due to the natural coloring of the olive wood, every wooden item is different from one another.


Rosary Measurement: 12.5 inches  /  32 cm

Cross Measurement : 1.3×1 inches / 3.5×2.5 cm

made and assembled at our work shop in the Holy Lands.

The Beads are made of the annual trimming in the olive groves of holy land.

Please note! Due to the natural coloring of the olive wood, every wooden item is different from one another.

We handmade the rosaries from natural olive wood taken from annual trimming of the olive groves in Holy land and not imported!

This Olive wood rosary is handmade and crafted from the most unique olive wood in the land.

This rosary is handmade at the Holy Land, produced from original olive wood taken from the annual trimmings in the olive groves of the Holy Land.

In addition the product comes with a certificate that certifies its originality as coming from the Holy land.

Please note! Due to the natural coloring of the olive wood, every wooden item is different from one another.

We guarantee you will not find the quality of our olive wood products anywhere else!”


Let’s start at the size. I don’t have a tape measurer or ruler, but the size looks fairly accurate to the description. I like how small it is, as it doesn’t get snagged on objects if I’m carrying it around, and it fits perfectly in the sachet it came with (though I gave that away and now use a small box). It’s portable, and very lightweight, which is awesome for expeditions to my parish.

Quality: good. It’s not going to last 50 years of daily use, but that’s just because of the thin cord they used. The actual beads are very lovely, and feel well-polished and cared for. The cross on thew other hand isn’t cut to perfection. There are little notches that are barely noticeable, but could have been easily seen while crafting the cross. However, it is a small detail that doesn’t really bother me. I like the basic look of it. The only thing I might have added is a crucufix, and I might buy a papal crucifix and attach it to the cord holding the cross on. The cord does have some finishing knots where a piece of it sticks out, but it is short and concealed by the beads around it. The cord looks brown in the picture, but mine is black, which I actually prefer. Overall, I really like it, and feel like it won’t be falling apart anytime soon. If you tug on it with a little bit of force, it stretches a bit, but I doubt it will break unless you really pull. The knots between decades are even and neat.

The coloration of the beads are varied slightly, giving it a nice, natural feel. I enjoy the variation and the occasional knots and such you can see, The beads smell slightly like olive oil if you inhale deeply, which takes me back to Jesus’ time when it was a huge trading and sacred oil.

This Rosary looks just like the picture, and I was very glad to receive it. It didn’t take nearly as long as the suggested shipping time, though I did have to wait a week or two. However, this was definitely expected, as it was being shipped from Israel, which is very far from the U.S., and I am not familiar with their postal service. I think they did excellently.

The Rosary was shipped in an envelope with a bubble lining, which cushioned it well. I found it in the mail one morning, and opened it to find a perfectly intact Rosary. It did come with a certificate, and a sheer white sachet.

I think what I love most about my Rosary is that it came from the Holy Land, a place where Jesus walked. I also feel a strong connection to olive tress, as my name is Olivia, and it means olive branch. It’s a symbol of peace and reminds me of God’s greatness, as the tree is massive and fruit-bearing. I am thrilled that I had the opportunity to get something from Israel when I have never been there.

Overall I definitely recommend this shop and this Rosary to anyone looking for a gift for someone, perhaps as a first holy Communion or a Confirmation surprise.

Here’s a picture of the Rosary from Olive Wood Pro’s website, and one from my camera.


olive wood rosary



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