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Home Altar Crafts for Every Liturgical Season

Here are some fun crafts I found that I thought would make good home altar pieces! You can switch these out for each liturgical season, or make them all neutral. Have fun!

Home Altar Crafts for Every Liturgical Season.png

  • Wood Slice Bible Verse – Paint your favourite bible verse on a wood slice. You can keep it on your home altar, and switch them out as the liturgical season goes by! Ex: A verse about the birth of Jesus during Christmas, a verse about Pentecost during Pentecost.
  • Lantern Into Saint Shrine – These are perfect for those of you who are doing a Saint-a-month project! Or even a Saint-a-year (or day). Or, if your family holds any particular Saint close at heart, such as Mary or St. Joseph, you could make one of these for them.
  • Reversible Table Runner – Make a few of these to switch out with the liturgical seasons! Or you could go for a neutral colour, like white, grey, brown, tan, or black.
  • Rosary Hanger – You can hang this above or nearby your home altar, and have each of your family member’s use their patron Saint on the nail! I really love this design so much!
  • Verse of the Week Chalkboard – Make this fun chalkboard, or find one at the craft store, and use fun chalk colours to write your verse of the week. This can easily be used in any liturgical season!
  • Pictures – Place images of your parish, family, and/or Patron Saints on the table, along with any Catholic art you find appealing. You can make a few liturgical frames, such as one with the empty cross on it for Easter, or maybe a shepherd tending sheep on another one.
  • Holy Water Font – You can totally make these or buy them at your Catholic store. I really like the idea of hand making one, but until I get the supplies, I just keep my holy water in a little bottle the church gave me at my sister’s baptism.
  • Statues – I found my pair of statues from goodwill for nine dollars in total. They are of Mary and an open armed Jesus. The link shows a way to make clay, so you can get creative!
  • Bible Stand – Make this super cute and easy bible stand to hold your sacred scripture when not in use.

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