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Tips for Starting And Using a Prayer Journal

I have a prayer journal, and it is finally nice and organized. It really needed some help, so I found some fun tips for starting and using a prayer journal. Some of these are my trial-and-error ideas, so take that as solid help, haha. Anyway, on to the tips!

Tips for Starting a Prayer Journal.png

  1. Use a binder! It will really help you if you like to keep resources, prayers, and journals in your prayer journal. You can easily add or take away pages, and even move some to a different binder if you feel like it. If not, a regular old notebook will be fine. I suggest a composition notebook, since they last longer than spiral bound notebooks, in my opinion.
  2. Decorate it in a way you like so you use it more often. Put your favourite bible verse on it, pictures of your family and your parish, and use paint or markers to create borders and frames. You can find fun stickers at a craft store or even the Dollar Store sometimes. Seal it with mod podge or another substance. I use packaging tape. If you have a binder with a clear pocket cover, just decorate a piece of paper and slip it in!
  3. Create a Table of Contents. Leave a few pages blank after the first one so you have room to continue marking pages. It really helps with finding specific prayers, even if you only list them in order.
  4. Make use of the pockets in a binder. I use mine to hold images I’ve drawn, rosary papers (ex: the mysteries), and my Traditional Catholic Prayers (ex: act of contrition). You could use these for any loose pages as well.
  5. Journal every day. Even if all you write is “Thank you Jesus for (insert thing here), you’re still praying, and journalling will help hold you accountable for your prayer life. I like to make my prayers into pretty bookmarks using (I use their infographic template).
  6. Feel free to add updates in your life, reading lists, and ideas to your prayer journal. You can section this off using a tab divider, and journal like a diary on that half, or just include it with the prayers. Date your prayers if you want, so you can look back and see your answered prayers.
  7. Praise, thank, ask, and offer. That’s how I personally pray. First, I praise God, then I thank Him, then I pray (for others, myself, or a specific thing), and then I offer my day, actions, and problems to God. He can really help you with things, all you have to do is offer them to Him!






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