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When You Can Pray the Rosary During Your Hectic Day

I love the Rosary! I have tons of posts on it, and often allude to it. Here are some fun times you can pray the Rosary.

When You Can Pray.png

  1. At a doctor’s appointment. Before, during (yes, there are times when the doctor is out of the room for a short span of time), and on the way there if you are not driving!
  2. After physical therapy. If you do the thing where you sit with a heating pad or ice pack on the injured area for ten minutes, you can pray part of the Rosary!
  3. At Lunch. If you get a lunch hour, spend time praying the Rosary after you eat. Or, before! Offer the time of fasting to God.
  4. In bed. Right when you’re getting ready to wind down, take out your rosary and pray. It will truly give you the rest you need.
  5. On the couch. Skip TV for one night a week. I promise you’ll feel the benefits of taking time to pray.
  6. While baking or cooking. Make sure you have a timer on for the oven, and don’t need to boil anything! Grab a chair, and pray the rosary while you practice your chef skills!
  7. On a boat or ferry. Maybe it will get your mind off the seasickness!
  8. Before Mass. If you get there early, you’ll have plenty of time to pray a decade, or even the whole Rosary. While you’re there, pray for your priest to be blessed and healthy in Christ.






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