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Adoration – Peace Among the Chaos

Adoration is a time for you to reflect, pray, and think in the presence of God. There really isn’t a strict way to do it, especially if you go without the guidance or leadership of someone. I’ve talked about things you can do in Adoration before, but in all honesty, I found the most peaceful, settling, and intimate time with Jesus in Adoration when I let go of what I thought I wanted to do, and listened to God.

Today I let the Holy Spirit Guide me; however, I did so hesitantly at first. I said my prayers of thanksgiving, praise, and really just recognized who was physically and spiritually with me, and then I kind of froze. 

What was it exactly that I was supposed to do? Did I want to pray a formal prayer? Meditate on scripture? Was I supposed to sit and literally listen for the physical voice of God? 

Suddenly, all of the articles and videos I’d read and seen no longer dept applicable to me in this monent.

I said into my seat, and quietly pulled out my rosary. I got through the first five beads of the first decade before I realized it didn’t feel right. Not that it wasn’t right to pray the rosary, but I felt called to be doing something else. I tried meditating on the host opposed to the mysteries. That felt closer, but still not perfect.

So I put away the rosary later and found the Way of the Cross packet I carry around to read. 

I finished up the hail Mary prayer after reading through the first station, and silently put it down. I focused my attention on the beautiful monstrance ahead of me, specifically the Eucharist displayed inside. There was a small, calm nudging in the back of my mind that was now still.

This, I knew, was why I came. 

I prayed to God to let me hear what He wanted to tell me, and to guide me as I poured out my heart. And slowly, I began to speak to my greatest Love, Jesus.

I asked for His protection. I asked to discern His will for my life, to understand my calling to be a Sister. I asked Him over and over again to make Himself known to me, both then and in my daily life. I felt His love bore into me as I teared up, gazing at my living sacrifice, and after thirty minutes,  I packed up my things and went home.

When I opened up my Catholic Prayers booklet when I got home, it was the prayer for vocations that I immediately saw. I do not believe this was a coincidence, but rather a reminder from God that He does support me, and that this is a calling. 

I learned something thrilling today about Adoration: it is not a time for you to show your love for Jesus, but a time for Him to speak to you and express His love for you in person. As you see a tangible piece of Him in front of you, can you help but realize the great and beautiful gift His life was? The greatest sacrifice any human can give is their life. Adoration gives us the time and the ability to realize that and to listen. 


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