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Catholic Travel Box

Hey everyone! So, I have some interesting news. I am staying at a long-term hotel for a month! We’re moving into a new house, and have a month in between houses (the family we’re buying from won’t be moving out till the end of August), and boy do I miss my little Jesus table (also known as a Catholic Family/Home Altar).

To combat the fact that I can’t bring my icons and such with me, I am creating a Catholic travel box. The box I got looks crackled, and is an off white colour. It’s fairly small, measuring about 6 x 8 inches, and has a picture frame on the lid. I placed a picture of the sacred heart of Jesus and the immaculate heart of Mary in it. Their soft smiles are so sweet!

Inside, I have my self-made rosary (I am making a post about that, so keep an eye out), a treasury of prayers, and a way of the cross packet. I am trying to get my own prayers in it, a list of the mysteries and what days to use them on, and a mini bible. When it’s finished, I will be able to use it whenever I need to!


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