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My Handmade Rosary, “Mary’s Mantle”

I created two blue rosaries last night, one for myself, and one for my Papa! I call them "Mary's Mantle Rosaries" because of their blue, regal colour. I used links to connect all of the beads together, and I am thrilled with the outcome. The materials cost about $17 per rosary, and I feel like… Continue reading My Handmade Rosary, “Mary’s Mantle”

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Catholic Travel Box

Hey everyone! So, I have some interesting news. I am staying at a long-term hotel for a month! We're moving into a new house, and have a month in between houses (the family we're buying from won't be moving out till the end of August), and boy do I miss my little Jesus table (also… Continue reading Catholic Travel Box

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Adoration – Peace Among the Chaos

Adoration is a time for you to reflect, pray, and think in the presence of God. There really isn't a strict way to do it, especially if you go without the guidance or leadership of someone. I've talked about things you can do in Adoration before, but in all honesty, I found the most peaceful, settling, and… Continue reading Adoration – Peace Among the Chaos